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Begonia `Inca Flame`

Begonia `Inca Flame`

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Some of the most striking houseplant leaves

Add a pop of colour and texture to your home with indoor begonias

  • bright indirect light so their leaves do not burn like a north or east window or back from a west window
  • no misting needed! this would rot the leaves so be sure to pop them near other plants to create some humidity naturally
  • only water when the top of the soil is fully dry to prevent mould or rotting stems
  • Bottom water (let stand in water for half an hour) 
  • make sure to keep in a warm spot in your home or office
  • crinkling leaves/loosing leaves/grey patches= overwatered
  • soft leaves= underwatered
  • relax plant
  • large beautiful foliage to soften a room
  • focus plant 
  • add colour texture and pattern to your work space or busy spots in the home like kitchens to boost mood and productivity


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