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Anxiety Jewellery- The Zeke

Anxiety Jewellery- The Zeke

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Discover a natural way to control anxiety and stress by slowing your breath

NEW Irish product, *Sunfleck is proud to be the first shop in Ireland to stock The Zekes

*I always trial and test products for at least 1 week before stocking in Sunfleck so I can stand behind them as something I will use- I find myself reaching for my Zeke while doing business office work or Instagram as I need to focus and can be quite stressful*

Stress, anxiety, over-whelm, insomnia, panic... can all stem from issues with our nervous system

It might sound crazy, but most of us in the Western world go about our super busy lives not breathing properly...and so many of us have anxiety

You may have heard of "Fight or Flight", which is a natural response of your nervous system and brain because we are adapted to survive danger, like being chased by a bear. Some parts of your body shut down so you can respond fast without any distractions- shorter breathing, digestive system changes, thoughts become rapid.....

.....but the problem is, in modern world we don`t really need this response, but it gets triggered for things like taking an exam, checking our bank account or doing a public talk...which is really less than ideal !!

 So, we need too learn to control it or we end up panicking for everyday situations- and we do this by learning to breathe

Enter The Zeke

How To Use:

  1. INHALE deeply through your nose to fill your belly with air (place your hands on your belly to feel it rise).
  2. PAUSE and then very slowly exhale through The Zeke for 8-10 seconds.
  3. RELAX your body and mind, slow your thoughts, focus on the wave of calm
  4. REPEAT this 5 times to signal your nervous system to find your calm and stillness


  • help reduce anxiety and panic attacks
  • reduce stress day-to-day
  • improve sleep
  • allow for more focus and concentration
  • great for fidgeters
  • slow your heart rate

Possible Long-term Benefits of Practising Breathing

  • relieve insomnia
  • control fear, panic, overwhelm
  • become more confident and motivated
  • improve digestive health
  • reduce snoring and other breathing issues
  • reduce inflammation
  • improve heart health

When to use:

  • during work when stressed
  • when feeling panicky or out of control
  • meditating/yoga
  • in bed
  • in the shower
  • while relaxing
  • school, college, studying, exams
  • everyday

Every Zeke comes with a chain, gift box and information

The Zeke is made from 316 high polish stainless steel. Plated with gold, rose gold and silver. Stainless steel will not rust or tarnish over time and its waterproof (can wear in water, actually recommended to use in the shower!). Your necklace will stay shiny

No whistle sound when exhaling

Irish company, by Niamh

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