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Candle "Cois Fharraige" by the Sea Essential Oils

Candle "Cois Fharraige" by the Sea Essential Oils

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Essential oil intention candles with Irish words and folklore, made with Irish Rapeseed and coconut oil wax a safe and natural alternative to paraffin candles

Cois Fharraige, by the sea, is a candle of pure joy, sea walks and the fresh open air of Ireland. Inviting you to embrace the unpredictable and natural beauty of the Irish coast. Labelled especially for Sunfleck 

This blend is for cleansing the brain and uplifting spirits, open the airways, sinuses and the mind, aiding to set intention for change and love of life. 

With notes of mint and citrus fruits on a base of cedarwood for grounding 

Every candle has a quote and a story to help you choose intentionally for yourself or for gifting 

This quote is "In one drop of water is found all the secrets of all the oceans" - Kahlil Gibran 

Use these candles with intention, your meditation, relaxing, bedtime or morning rituals to clear your mind and set goals for yourself or loved ones

Pair with your plants, crystals and selfcare routines 

All while using safe essential oils which trigger the brain to change your mood and create new memories

  • Handpoured by Paula in Kinsale Ireland 
  • Natural sustainable wax 
  • Vegan friendly 
  • 100% recyclable packaging gift box with wood wool included as it is specially labelled for Sunfleck 
  • Inspired by nature and self awareness 
  • 45 hour burn time 


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