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Kalanchoe 'Rubio Red'

Kalanchoe 'Rubio Red'

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Sweet little houseplants that you can`t kill easily and flower throughout the year

Brighten up any space in your home or work space, and when the flowers die off for a month or so, you`re still left with waxy rich greenery which keeps growing

  • very easy care
  • near window to make sure flowers come back
  • repot when roots come out the bottom or refresh soil every 2 years
  • water when the soil is fully dry (max every 2 weeks maybe longer)
  • cut off flowers when they die off, feed once per month and put near a window for the flowers to return
  • Relax plant
  • a little bit of rich green for calming feel
  • Focus plant
  • a pop of colour for mood-boosting especially in a work space

*pet safe

pot 9cm

height 22cm

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