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Lipstick "Twister Red" Plant

Lipstick "Twister Red" Plant

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This houseplant has long, trailing stems with curly slender leaves. It can grow up to 18 inches tall and 3 feet wide when allowed to trail or climb.

A welcome addition is any houseplant blooms throughout the year, with clusters of red 

  • Excellent easy care hanging houseplant
  • no direct sun - in East window or back from West or South. Can deal with lower light levels but needs higher to get it's distinctive flowers 
  • water when the top of the soil dries out
  • lots of misting with water 2-3 times per week
  • feed once per month in spring and summer with seaweed feed
  • warm spot not below 15C
  • repot with orchid mix when roots are coming out the bottom
  • does not need repotting often, better not to as you will get more blooms
  • relax plant
  • trailing vining plant beautiful for a bedroom or sitting room
  • focus plant
  • colourful flowers boost mood and interest, therefore making a space more productive

**safe for pets 

15cm pot

35cm length 

Detachable hanger

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