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Croton Duck Foot

Croton Duck Foot

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Rainbow coloured plant perfect for warm bright spots in your home or office 

One of the only leafy plants that can take direct sunlight, and the colours will change with more sun! 

  • Water when the top inch of the soil is dry 
  • Mist twice per week 
  • Perfect in West or south window space 
  • No cold spaces as they will drop leaves 
  • No regular repotting needed, just freshen up soil and try to not touch roots too much 
  • Allow them to settle in before watering, mist and don't move around too much
  • Once they are settled they're happy!
  • Feed once per month in Spring and summer 
  • Relax plant
  • Leafy jungle like structure
  • Breathe plant 
  • Very waxy leaves remove dust from room, clean every 2 months 
  • Focus Plant 
  • Bright colours and patterns to boost mood and productivity 

13cm pot

45 cm height

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