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Mahogany Fern

Mahogany Fern

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Perfect houseplant addition to a relax space or bathroom, ferny foliage is always an attraction for the human mind

This fern has red coloured new leaves and stems giving it a lovely 2-tone colouration and upright growth

  • Easy care fern that's safe for pets 
  • Water as soon as the top of the soil dries our, don't leave any fern dry out for too long 
  • Bright indirect light with good humidity (mist), all ferns need high moisture in the air so avoid draughts and radiators
  • North or easy window or under a skylight 
  • Underwater= grey crispy leaves, brown patches
  • Overwater=yellow leaves
  • Relax plant 
  • Ferns are the perfect way to soften a space for calming the mind, pair tree-like or trailing plants 
  • Breathe plant 
  • All ferns are toxin removers

17cm pot 

60cm high 

✅ Safe for pets 

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