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Olive Tree - Small

Olive Tree - Small

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Add a little Mediterranean feel to your space with an Olive Tree, as a houseplant or outdoors!

With a pale stem and blue-green leaves, Olive trees make for an interesting centrepiece for a calm space and a great easy care houseplant

  • light: full sunlight outdoors and indoors, like a south-facing window or conservatory
  • where: outdoors they need some shelter and do well in a pot, bring inside for winter. Indoors just make sure they are warm in a pot with holes and peat-free compost (note: all compost in Sunfleck is peat-free). You can also move it outdoors in on summery days! 
  • water: allow to almost full dry out between waterings, when the top 2-3 inches of soil are dry
  • feed: use our seaweed feed every 2 weeks
  • slow-growing
  • no misting needed

**safe for pets

12cm pot

40cm height

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