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Philodendron "Ring of Fire"

Philodendron "Ring of Fire"

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Unique rare houseplant with bright orange and yellow patterns amongst the greenery

Its leaves can grow up to 1.5 ft in diameter, making it a great choice for larger spaces

  • bright indirect light so their leaves do not burn like an east window or back from a west/south window
  • likes regular misting to prevent brown tips
  • only water when the top of the soil is fully dry, make sure the soil doesn`t dry out fully for too long 
  • make sure to keep in a warm spot in your home or office
  • fairly low maintenance for a rare plant!
  • relax plant
  • large beautiful foliage to soften a room and add a jungle feel with some colour
  • focus plant 
  • add colour and beautiful shapes to your work space or busy spots in the home like kitchens to boost mood and productivity

Now reported into 8cm pot with new soil 

16cm high 

fits medium happy pot

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