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Philodendron `White Princess` - medium

Philodendron `White Princess` - medium

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Unique rare houseplant with white and green leaves in a shrubby structure

Its leaves can grow up to 1.5 ft in diameter, making it a great choice for larger spaces

  • bright indirect light so their leaves do not burn like an east window or back from a west/south window
  • likes regular misting to prevent brown tips
  • only water when the top of the soil is fully dry, make sure the soil doesn`t dry out fully for too long 
  • fairly low maintenance for a rare plant!
  • relax plant
  • large beautiful foliage to soften a room and add a jungle feel with some colour
  • focus plant 
  • add pattern to your work space or busy spots in the home like kitchens to boost mood and productivity

12cm pot

30cm high 


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