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Begonia Angel Wings

Begonia Angel Wings

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Beautiful baby begonias with coral coloured flowers. Stake them to make them grow tall ad strong 

  • not difficult to care for but it does have specific care instructions
  • needs very good drainage
  • only water when top of soil is dry
  • warm room, no cold or draughts
  • high humidity, kitchen or bathroom, but very little actual misting as it is prone to leaf fungus
  • feed in Spring and Summer
  • likes to be pot bound so dont pot up regularly, or into a very large pot
  • Start to stake them as the stems get taller 
  • yellow leaves= overwatered
  • brown tips= needs more humidity, air is too dry
  • Relax plant
  • something about the upwards trailing structure and long leaves is so calming
  • Breathe plant
  • has some air purifying properties
  • Focus plant
  • stunning pattern and contrast of rich green top leaf to red/purple underleaf

6cm pot 

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