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Strawberry Begonia

Strawberry Begonia

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A houseplant that grows like a strawberry plant!

Hairy pretty leaves in a rosette and then pink long stems that hang down with little babies or plantlets growing on the bottom 

  • Light : loves over head light so in a window like N/E or just back from W/S, too strong sun would burn leaves
  • Water : don't let fry out fully, water when first 2 inches are dry. Make sure top dries out or stems will rot in soggy soil 
  • Mist : none, would rot soft leaves
  • Food : every 2 weeks in the water into the soil
  • No draughts or radiators 
  • Remove any dead plantlets
  • Relax Plant 
  • Beautiful trailing structure to create movement and flow in your calm space 
  • Focus Plant 
  • Create interest with the bright pinks and greens as well as mood boost with watching the babies grow!

14cm pot 

38cm length 

Detachable hanger

✅ Safe for pets! 

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