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String of Bananas Purple

String of Bananas Purple

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A rare houseplant of long vines of little banana shaped beads on unusual vibrant purple stems with yellow flowers 

  • Indirect light warm window like East or west facing 
  • Allow to dry out completely between watering. This can take over 2 weeks for fully dry soil. Best way to check is touch the soil in the holes at the bottom of the pot to see if it is damp. 
  • Any of these related plants (pearls, dolphins, bananas) may go dormant in the summer which means they will need less water and take longer to dry out 
  • Yellow beads is over watering 
  • Shrivled beads is under watering
  • You will need to do the Soak and Dry Method in general to prevent this happening: water the plant in a sink or dish until water comes out the bottom of the pot. If very shriveled then leave the pot stand in the water for an hour. If not shriveled then remove pot from water as soon as the water runs out the bottom 
  • No regular feeding or misting needed 
  • Relax plant 
  • Trailing natural structure and all green 
  • Focus Plant 
  • Fun shapes and mood boosting 

12cm pot 

Detachable hanger 

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