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Dioscorea (Elephant foot vine/Hottentot Bread)

Dioscorea (Elephant foot vine/Hottentot Bread)

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Am unusual but easy care houseplant to add to your collection!

It is part of a family of houseplants that grow from a "cause" or a chunky trunk which grows above ground

Treat it right and you will get dainty flowing vines with heart - shaped leaves all down along

  • Loves lots of light, so in bright window is perfect, may get a little burnt if in a south facing one do just be mindful
  • No cold spots 
  • Very little water needed as water is stored in its caudex or fat trunk
  • It is a slow grower and takes at least years to reach max growth, when properly cared for it can reach a height of 3ft and diameter of 10ft!!
  • Like any succulent it needs gritty high drainage soil so be sure to buy the right one (available on my website cacti succulent soil)
  • May got dormant (loose all stems go yellow and fall off) in may or June and then will regrow, just leave it alone no watering until the stems return!
  • Relax plant 
  • Delicate vining plant for relaxation and something to focus on for meditation 

5.5cm pot 

5 cm height 

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