About us

Natural Support and Wellbeing Retail Shop in Ireland

Heya! I'm Louise, Owner of Sunfleck

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by nature. I used to study it by myself as a child in my spare time; doing projects, gardening and keeping tropical fish. This led me to science in NUIG where I specialised in Botany and Zoology for 4 years, and an extra 2 years masters of plant science in UCC.

I absolutely love to research and learn about new topics, especially anything related to nature, or improving our wellbeing and how to be environmentally conscious.

This is why Sunfleck was born -

A combination of my passions; plants and natural products. I truly believe the most powerful wellbeing support is being immersed in nature. There is so much scientific research to show the benefits of indoor greenery, aromatherapy and herbs for our mental wellbeing. I realised during Covid that there was a gap in the market to create a very special, unique and completely new type of shop – I call it a “Natural Support” shop. 

Our Ethos

Sunfleck is a place of comfort and relaxation; both in-person and online. One where there is no such thing as a silly question. One where you can come to learn. One without chemicals and harmful ingredients and is 100% plant-based. 

In Sunfleck it is also very important to support Irish businesses. Sunfleck products are either made by a person's hands here in Ireland, or sourced by an Irish company. I like to highlight the importance of knowing who made your product and where it came from, especially in today's world. 

Sustainability aims

I wanted to carry across morals from my personal life to the business. 

At Sunfleck we:

Use as little plastic as possible

Keep and reuse as much packaging as possible

-Use only either recyclable or compostable as our own packaging

-Use collected rainwater for all plants

-Use reduced peat compost, eventually moving to peat free

-Do not use any chemicals in the shop 

-Are always looking for new ways to be more eco-conscious 

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