Welcome to Sunfleck - Ireland's Premier Houseplant Haven

Step into the world of lush, rejuvenating greenery in our indoor jungle.

At Sunfleck, we're proud to bring you Ireland's most diverse range of houseplants for your indoor wellbeing.
Every leaf, each bloom and plant shape is chosen specifically to enhance the natural tranquillity of your indoor spaces.

Our philosophy is uncomplicated: We believe everyone deserves calm...
And what better way to achieve that than through your very own indoor garden? We specialise in an array of houseplants that thrive in Ireland's unique climate. We love being able to help you choose living décor that enriches your home, improves air quality and reduces stress.

Houseplants for Every Irish Home

Whether you live in Dublin, Cork, Irish towns or countryside; our collection of houseplants caters to the varied Irish climate and indoor conditions. One of the main reasons we have found people struggle with houseplants in Ireland is the lack of or incorrect care information for your plant in Ireland.

From beginners and easy care houseplants like Snake Plants to plants that transform your home improving productivity and boosting mood like Pothos, Peace Lilys and Flamingo Flowers.

We are the most reliable and holistic shop to help you create an easy care indoor jungle to help you to relax and enjoy your indoors.

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Focused on Reducing Your Stress

Scientific studies have proven that houseplants in your home:

  1. lower feelings of stress, panic and overwhelm
  2. lower blood pressure
  3. increase productivity and attentiveness
  4. improve mood and overall feeling of wellbeing
  5. remove toxins from the air

Home Delivery Across Ireland

Choose your perfect indoor companion from the comfort of your home. We deliver across Ireland, ensuring your chosen houseplant arrives at your doorstep in prime condition, ready to infuse a touch of nature into your space.

All packaging is eco-friendly or reused to reduce waste as much as possible, while still delivering your new plant babies safe and sound!

Start Your Green Journey Today

Ready to invite nature indoors for your mind? Browse our collection of houseplants and let Sunfleck be your trusted support on your journey to greener, healthier living. Start your botanical adventure today – a little bit of green does indeed go a long way.

Aftercare and research:

  1. in Sunfleck we research every houseplant to provide you with the perfect information for the Irish home, making it as easy as possible for you to care for your new greenery.
  2. We will help you choose the right plant for the right space in your home and long-term care
  3. any problems, questions or queries please contact Louise on the Sunfleck Instagram/Facebook page or email with pictures of your plant, we want you to enjoy your plants, not be stressed out by them!