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Alocasia Pink Passion

Alocasia Pink Passion

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Beautiful rare show piece plant with serrated leaves and speckled pink stems 

  • from the elephant ear plant family
  • Fast growing in spring and summer, mostly dormant in winter
  • Bright indirect light- west facing window or back from a south one
  • no cold room or draught
  • warmth 19 degrees and lots of misting (2-3 times per week)
  • water once the top layer of soil goes dry, don`t leave it go fully dry 
  • feed with the seaweed spray every once per month in Spring/Summer
  • Relax plant 
  • Almost fern-like to bring jungle atmosphere 
  • Breathe plant 
  • Toxin remove 
  • Focus Plant
  • Create interest in a work space with a pop of colour and interesting leaves

14 cm Pot

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