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Ambience Room Spray

Ambience Room Spray

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The mood-booster blend

For feelings of:
-low mood
-high blood pressure


Lemongrass is that zesty fresh smell we all love to refresh a room, and also has many proven benefits like; reducing anxiety and tension, improving brain power, attention span and quality of memory as well as possible reduction in blood pressure.

Studies on Bergamot show it helps to lower cortisol (the stress hormone) levels, rapidly improving negative emotions and fatigue.

This is also a great blend to use as an insect-repellent in the home or on yourself.

Ambience is also a dog-friendly blend. Many essential oils, used in high doses, can cause respiratory issues with pets. Additionally, as long as what you use in your home has no chemicals and is diluted, it should not affect your pets badly- just be mindful of scent strength!

The room sprays were designed the same as our mini sprays, but in a larger bottle! I use mine on my bed, yoga mat, coat stand and in my bathroom as a natural air freshener.


Other customer uses are:
-in the car
-teachers in classrooms
-yoga instructors during class
-hairdressers/barbers in the salon
... the possibilities are endless, especially since these sprays are chemical-free, making them much safer for your family, home, pets and workspace.


Pure essential oils diluted with water and perfumers alcohol

  • 95ml aluminium bottle it spray top and plastic lid
  • shake and spray
  • keep away from eyes
  • keep out of reach of children

Made in Roscommon, Ireland.

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