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Hydro Pebbles

Hydro Pebbles

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Clay-free potting! A new trend to keep your houseplants happy especially ones sensitive to being over watered like elephant ears and arrowheads but also Cheeseplant, pothos and begonia will be happy in it too!

Especially great for propagating cuttings 

Leca doesn't have any nutrients like soil so you can spray or pour some of the seaweed feed into the pot to keep your plants healthy 

Make sure to wash the leca first before planting, flushing off all the dust. Also clean any soil off your plants roots 

Makes watering easier as well if you are prone to over watering plants. Use see through pots to track the water level, even better! 

Let's the roots of plants have lots of room to move around and grow, aerated

Fill your pot 1/3 way with leca, then add the water, then the plant and then fill the rest of the way

Can also be used on the top of soil to prevent fungus knats and in the bottom of the pot for drainage 

This is a great link for more info if you want to give this a go!

1kg Sunfleck bag

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