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Fern Birds Nest "Osaka "

Fern Birds Nest "Osaka "

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Bright green houseplant grows in a whorl for bathrooms or living spaces to create a jungle-look

Osaka is a version that has beautiful compact variety of birds nest Fern or Asplenium that has an upright growth and ruffled leaf edges 

  • keep away from very strong sun to avoid leaf burn
  • perfect in North or East window or back from West window
  • avoid draughts
  • mist 2-3 times per week
  • water as soon as the top of the soil is dry
  • older leaves will goo brown cut them off if you want
  • use chunky soil when repotting (mix of orchid bark) as they grow on trees (epiphyte) in wild
  • relax plant
  • add a tropical feel to bathroom, living space or office, not near radiator or fire
  • breathe plant
  • wipe leaves once per month in summer as theyre great for removing dust. use some condensation in winter

17cm pot

45cm high

✅ Pets 

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