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Cacao Tea

Cacao Tea

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 Good for gut, heart, skin and fatigue

Tasty cacao teas with 2 different flavours. The ladies in Nibbed make all their own natural flavourings:

Orange and Cardamom (tastes like orange spicy chocolate, very warming)

Cacao and Coconut (toasted coconut and chocolate, light and fresh)

1. Just pop 2 spoons of the tea into a strainer

2. Brew with hot water for 5-10mins

3. Then I sometimes add a little milk!

They basically taste like a hot chocolatey tea! So much lighter than the cacao block, but still you get the nutritional benefits from the cacao.

Cacao has a fantastic natural chemical called theobromine which gives us an energy burst, but without the jitters, anxiety and "come-down" of caffeine in coffee- so it is a great coffee replacement

Made in Wicklow, Ireland

Sustainable packaging (outer box-recyclable and inner sleeve- compostable)



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