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Chinese Money Tree "Sugar"

Chinese Money Tree "Sugar"

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Rare hard-to-get version of the popular and easy to grow houseplant (Money plant/pancake planr/friendship plant) Good luck in Feng Shui and friendship plant to pass on baby plants as gifts 

  • Speckles of cream on this plant makes it an unusual addition to your collection  
  • Water when the soil is dry
  • Mist once a week
  • Feed in spring and summer, or winter as well if yours is still growing like mine
  • Relax plant
  • Round even leaves are relaxing and also lush green, perfect for any room
  • Focus plant
  • Mood enhancing, the shape is fun and creates interest, kids love to remove the babies, brilliant for a classroom as well
  • Symbol of wealth and prosperity in a home or as a gift 

13cm pot, let it grow and produce babies that you can pot on! 

20cm height 

*safe for pets 


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