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Red Edge Baby Rubber Tree

Red Edge Baby Rubber Tree

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I've had my one of these for years! I wanted to get them into Sunfleck from the very beginning and only found them now 

  • a rich green dense clump of lush oval rubbery leaves, with red outlines 
  • very easy care
  • Fast growing
  • water when fully dry and mist at least once per week at least to stop the tips from going brown
  • bright indirect light or medium light just back from a window - you should get flowers! 
  • No dark or cold places 
  • Feed once in spring and summer 
  • Remove dead leaves and clean leaves a few times a year 
  • Relax plant
  • rich green leaves are very attractive and calming for our brains and eyes
  • Breathe plant
  • known for being great air cleaners especially of toxins
  • Focus Plant 
  • Unusual green flower spikes that smell sweet and red tinge on foliage for interest 

14cm pot 

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