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Sleep Well Pure Essential Oil Blend

Sleep Well Pure Essential Oil Blend

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The bedtime buddy blend

For issues with:
-falling asleep/staying asleep
-what I call “stressy” dreams (dreams about work, to-do lists, worrying about something)
-struggle to relax and “switch-off”

For use in diffuser/oil burner

I get so many great reviews in-store from Sunfleck customers (both children and adults) saying how using the Sleep Well blend every evening/night before bed improves their sleep- so I hope it helps you too! It makes sense as to why so many of us have sleep issues now, our lives are extremely busy; physically, mentally, virtually, socially.... it's never-ending, and it can be very overwhelming for your brains. So much so that we actually cannot switch off and go into a calm state.

Lavender, which we all know is a proven sedative, allows us to drift off to sleep, relieve some negative mental thoughts and allows sleep to happen faster and for longer. Add in some frankincense and now you have a blend which is not too floral (suits someone who might not like lavender), but also frankincense has been proven to be an anti-stress essential oil,  as it is grounding and helps our mind into a calm state. It is earthy, woody and relaxing

The oil blends are made to be diluted. You can:
-add them to a diffuser/oil burner
-mix with a carrier oil like coconut to make a massage oil
-add to natural cleaning products

Due to their pure nature, you will only need a couple of drops at a time, so they do last a long time. Also, they are not to be added directly to skin or ingested.

I use the pure blends around my home in diffusers, onto my duvet or into the mop bucket when cleaning.

  • amber glass bottle
  • plastic screw-top lid
  • 10ml blend of pure essential oils
  • keep away from eyes
  • keep out of reach of children
  • inflammable

Made in Roscommon, Ireland by Gema

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