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Cottage Garden Round Locket

Cottage Garden Round Locket

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Nature frozen in time in a handmade keepsake/heirloom

Beauty of nature from a garden in Cork, Ireland encapsulated in a bio resin so that each piece is completely unique and you have a reminder to slow down and enjoy the small moments

The most special gift... created seasonal, unique, and with intention and gratitude for nature

The romance of wearing real plants preserved in jewellery has always absolutely fascinated me. You are carrying a moment in nature on your person, that no one else owns

This Cottage Garden Flowers locket is made by preserving the plants in a crystal clear eco-resin with a silver chain. 

Carefully picked from Khrystyna`s magical garden in Schull and frozen in time in these resin jewels.

**Every step done entirely by hand.

Organic materials and textures

Imperfections reflect the nature of plants in their environment

Every special piece comes packaged in a gift box with a botanical info and care card about the story of the piece (pictured)


Plastic-free packaging

Organic and sustainable

Handmade in West Cork, Ireland by Khrystyna

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