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Draw Breath Pure Essential Oil Blend

Draw Breath Pure Essential Oil Blend

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The sinus-clearer blend

For issues with:
-blocked sinuses
-allergies (hay-fever, dust)
-asthma support
-deep breathing in yoga/meditation

For use in diffuser/oil burner

Eucalyptus is the main part of Draw Breath, and my absolute “must-have”. I have had hay fever for 10 years and started reacting to dust over the 2020 lockdown. Using drops of eucalyptus on a tissue of diffuser was the only that gave me immediate relief from the allergies. Now I can carry this blend around with me day-to-day.

Eucalyptus oil in scientific research has been used for relieving allergies, bronchitis, nagging cough, congestion, sinus blockage and also support asthma.

Peppermint is antispasmodic, meaning it calms your muscles to try and stop coughing or sneezing fits. It also helps me with travel nausea, so make sure you bring the spray into the car/bus/boat with you!

This is the perfect blend for meditation and focus on breathing as it allows you to take deeper breaths.

If you are having a particularly bad time with your sinuses or allergies, I recommend boiling a kettle of water, pouring it into a medium size saucepan, and then adding 5-10 drops of the Draw Breath Pure Essential Oil Blend to the saucepan. Place a tea-towel over the top of your head and saucepan to keep the steam near your nose and mouth. Take long, deep, slow breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth to ease sneezing fits or clear blocked sinuses. I had to do this when I as struggling with my dust allergy.


The oil blends are made to be diluted. You can:
-add them to a diffuser/oil burner
-mix with a carrier oil like coconut to make a massage oil
-add to natural cleaning products


Due to their pure nature, you will only need a couple of drops at a time, so they do last a long time. Also, they are not to be added directly to skin or ingested.

I use the pure blends around my home in diffusers, onto my duvet or into the mop bucket when cleaning.


  • amber glass bottle
  • plastic screw-top lid
  • 10ml blend of pure essential oils
  • keep away from eyes
  • keep out of reach of children
  • inflammable

Made in Roscommon, Ireland by Gema


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