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Fern Macho

Fern Macho

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Bold bright green leaves on this giant fern houseplant create a calming forest-feel in any space

This is the biggest and most impressive indoor fern you can buy

  • light : medium-bright indirect light, in shadier window or back from sunny window, or under a skylight
  • water: as soon as the top 2 inches of soil dry out, check with your finger, could be every week and a half
  • misting: loves humidity so try to mist 2-3 times per week or humid environment
  • feed: spray on once per month 
  • growth max: 3-4ft tall 6ft wide
  • relax plant
  • giant leaves provide the perfect focal point for a relaxation space, especially with light moving through the leaves

pot  20cm

spread 100cm

safe for pets

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