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Foot Balm for Refreshing Feet

Foot Balm for Refreshing Feet

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Foot balm made especially for Sunfleck. I tried this out for a few weeks before ordering.

I use a pumice stone and then a small bit of this and my feet have never been as soft.

Refresh your feet all times of the year, especially working in a hot environment all day or hard-wearing shoes.


To moisturise:

- coconut oil
- grapeseed oil
- cocoa butter
- shea butter
- camellia wax

To nourish and repair:

- Vitamin E oil

To clean, prevent bacteria and fungal issues:

-Pure mint and tea tree essential oils

Scoop a pea size amount out with you finger and melt slowly onto feet, spreads well. Focus on balls of feet, soles and edges





100% natural

recyclable packaging

Made in Roscommon by Gema


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