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Houseplant Food Emerald Mist

Houseplant Food Emerald Mist

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No need for diluting, spray the food onto the leaves of your houseplant!

Emerald Mist is the easiest plant food you will find, I use it on all Sunfleck plants

I`ll admit, I used to never feed my plants because I thought it was too much work and I also hated the smell of the foods!

Made from 100% Irish, organic seaweed, it just smells like the sea and is safe for plants, kids and pets!

Your plant needs food during critical parts of the year like hot seasons and when it is  forming new leaves/ flowers, this is when it needs extra energy!

This plant food provides the essential nutrients and amnio acids your plant needs too deal with stress and new growth, making them healthier and happier, and grow faster!

Use for leafy houseplants and air plants 


Simply give the bottle a shake

Stand back a little from the plant and spray onto the leaves, ensuring as much of the leaves get coverage as possible

Depending on the size of the plant, you will only need a couple of sprays each time

Spring-Summer : generally feed every 2-3 weeks for leafy plants

Autumn-Winter : only use if the plant is noticeably still producing new growth and use less often, once per month


Made in  West Meath, Ireland by Ollie


Strong plastic bottle and nozzle, use as misting bottle when finished, or buy undiluted feed bottle and refill the spray bottle

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