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Houseplant Pest Spray

Houseplant Pest Spray

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A natural way to treat your houseplants for insects and mould.

A natural disinfectant which contains Hypochlorous Acid, which kills 99.9% bacteria and mould

It`s really great for getting rid of that white mould on your house plant soil. Plants in Irish houses are prone to it because Ireland is humid and not very hot. It also happens if your plants soil is too wet for too long so make sure you are only watering when the soil is starting to go dry. If this mould is left for too long you will start to see tiny flies around your house like fruit flies.

Treat the plant and soil once per day until the mould or insects are gone

Use for bugs, aphids, fungi, mould, bacteria, viruses

Made in West Meath, Ireland by Ollie


Strong plastic bottle, reuse as misting bottle when empty 

Safe for plants, kids and pets

100% natural

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