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Hydrating Cleansing Balm 60/120ml

Hydrating Cleansing Balm 60/120ml

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The softest cleanser and best make-up remover

After the natural deodorant, the cleansing balm is our second best-seller. Our customers have remarked on the relaxation and "spa-like" feel you get from the scent which is lavender and lemon, especially before bed for a good nights sleep

This is softer and more hydrating than the cleansing bars, rather than reducing spots and inflammation, it is more for nourishing the skin, so much so that you can use it as an over-night face mask to hydrate your skin!

And it literally melts makeup off, even tough eyebrow and eye makeup its the best I have ever used and our customers echo this review!


-scoop a pea-sized amount on your palm
-melt between hands
-put hands to your nose and inhale the scent
-massage onto skin in circles gently
-wipe with warm damp face cloth
-moisturise face after with the Rose Petal Serum

60 ml - jar

100ml - tin

Made in Westport, Ireland by Morgane

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