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Immuni Tea

Immuni Tea

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The immune-booster and allergy tea

I swear by this tea for anyone suffering with allergies like dust/pollen/grass. I started drinking it at the beginning of the year and found my allergies significantly less reactive.

You could drink this tea

  1.  during winter to help prevent colds and flus
  2. after an illness to boost your immune system
  3. during pollen seasons

Due to the pandemic over recent years, studies around immune system-boosting herbs have increased!

Linden flowers have been seen to have antimicrobial and immune system improving properties

Pine needles have been seen to be antimicrobial and also antiaging in studies

Eucalyptus we also know is great for being a natural antihistamine but also for lung health like sinuses, asthma and immune system regulating

If you are having cold/flu or allergy trouble I would pair this tea with the Draw Breath essential oil blend

Herbs have been a part of our history for centuries, many “old wives tales” about them now proving scientifically to be true. Herbal teas are a natural source of multivitamins and minerals. The herbs in all teas sold in Sunfleck are organically and ethically grown in Cavan. 100% biodegradable packing and the teas are all gluten-free.

I find the Health Teas range super easy to drink with no weird after-tastes or textures in your mouth. They are blended to perfection.

How to make:

1-2 teaspoons

 Mug/pot of boiling water

Leave to brew for 10mins where possible to get the full benefits

Drink at least 2 mugs per day

 Don`t be afraid to start off with a weaker tea until you get used to it!


100% biodegradable packaging


Gluten-free, vegan, organic

Made in Cavan, Ireland by Roisin

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