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Incense Holders Handmade Terracotta

Incense Holders Handmade Terracotta

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Unique handmade incense holders made from local clay in Nepal

Sunfleck is proud to be the only seller of this established Incense brand in Ireland and one of few in Europe. This is such a special collaboration and we could not be more delighted to stock these products

Hand thrown, terracotta or blackfire terracotta incense holder by local makers.

Clay local to Kathmandu Valley.

The holder is naturally black with metallic sheen due to oxidization process occur during firing.

Useful for burning rope incense, cone incense, sage and santo palo.

Packed in handmade paper box.

Animal Holders 5cm

Mountain Holders 11cm 220g

Sourced and made in Kathmandu, Nepal

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