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Incense Yoga Gift Box

Incense Yoga Gift Box

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Unique handmade incense and holder from Nepal with only natural ingredients. 

Sunfleck is proud to be the only seller of this established Incense brand in Ireland and one of few in Europe. This is such a special collaboration and we could not be more delighted to stock these products

Quote from the company "We have been making rope incense and bamboo-less incense for over 20 years which has highly inspired our culture and lifestyle.

We use handmade processes as much as possible whether it is making and cutting incense or the packaging for incense (handprinted in handmade paper). We specially work on small family enterprises. 

Our rope incense is handmade by women at their home. Rope incense is one of the native incense from the Kathmandu Valley.... all the ingredients in sticks and rope incense are dried herbs, for rope incense, the dried herbs are twisted in fine quality handmade lokta paper

Included in this special gift box:

  • Incense for the 8 limbs of yoga
    No.1 Yama (Sandalwood Stick Incense)
    No.2 Niyama (Citronella Stick Incense)
    No.3 Asana (Himalayan Cedar Stick Incense)
    No.4 Pranayama (Na Swa Stick Incense)
    No.5 Pratyahara (Austha Suganda Stick Incense)
    No.6 Dharana (Dorjee Stick Incense)
    No.7 Dhyana (Frankincense Stick Incense)
    No.8 Samadhi (Devdar Stick Incense)
  • Selflove handmade notebook

  • Love postcard and envelope

  • Blackfired Terracotta Mountain Incense Holder

"Burning incense is more than just for aroma, it is a lifestyle, and it is for ones mental and spiritual wellbeing....non toxic and non-additive forming"

8 x 20 sticks | 10cm | 450g | 80+ hours*

Sourced from Kathmandu, Nepal

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