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Dungarvan Oil Burner

Dungarvan Oil Burner

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A colour blend of ocean greys and browns with a sandy floor 

Beautiful ceramic oil burners especially made for Sunfleck to burn your favourite Sunfleck scents


The sea grey with hits of blue and sand reminded us of seaweed kelp, with the little circle windows as its air bladders for floating

Like a mini world, like a candle inside to create an atmosphere in your relax space and to fill a room with your favourite natural scents

The holes allow the light to travel around the room and cast a shadow pattern on your walls


1. Pick one of our Sunfleck scents (wax melts or oil blends)

2. Pop a tea light in the bottom and your scent in the top dish (if using an oil blend be sure to fill the dish with water first and then add a few drops)

3. Sit back and wait for the scent to burn and fill the room

4. Blow out the tea light when you are leaving the room


** please allow for slight colour and shape variations as they are handmade


Size 11cm h x 7cm w (allow for minor variations)

Made in Waterford, Ireland by Esther 

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