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Feel Good Bath Salts

Feel Good Bath Salts

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All natural bath salts or foot soaks to help you improve your mood and your achy muscles!

All 3 types of these Irish-made bath salts contain Epsom and Himalayan salts for reliving muscle cramps, helping with circulation issues and flushing toxins safely and naturally. They also have sunflower seed oil for nourishing your skin. 

I don't have a bath so I'll be using these as foot soaks after a long day in Sunfleck while watching TV!

Self-love : the relaxation and bedtime soak. This soak contains ylang ylang and palma rosa oils to help you to calm and soothe your body and mind. Rose and calendula petals inside for added texture, colour and goodness. Perfect before bed, after work or if you have been feeling overwhelmed. 

Rise and Shine : the mood booster and uplift soak. This soak contains sweet orange and lemongrass oils for anxiety relief and a feeling of being light and refreshed while lowering blood pressure. Also containing calendula petals for soothing the skin. 

Muscle Relief : the muscle relaxant. This soak contains peppermint oil for easing muscles aches and leaving your mind feel refreshed. It also has seaweed powder for nourishing your skin and adding antiodants to your body, easing sore cramped muscles, easing skin conditions and stimulate new cell growth. Perfect for after exercise, being on your feet all day or for other conditions that cause muscle aches, pains and tightness 

150g glass bottle with aluminium lid 

Made by Yerlin in Sligo, Ireland 


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