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Large Happy Pot

Large Happy Pot

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Sustainable positive plant pots... doesn`t get much better!

I will update colours of these little guys all the time, if you see one on my Instagram that you want and it`s not available here just message or email me :)

3d-printed made from sustainable Bioplastic and Irish-made

This large pot takes roughly 12-15 hours on the 3d printer made with a bioplastic from the starch of plants like corn, sugar cane and sugar beet

Size: approx 11cm width x 10cm height

*Please note, colours may slightly vary on pots which have multiple colour shades/rainbow effect - as each pot is unique when printed this way

 Happy Pots are perfect mood-boosters for an office space, kitchen window, study desk, shop counter, kids room... and so many more ideas!

I will note on each of my plants which size happy pot they will fit into :)

*plant not included

 Examples of plants string of pearls, silver lotus aloe, silvery ann, zig zag cactus 

Made in Wexford, Ireland by Fionn and Buddy

Drainage hole

Heat proof




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