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Peace Lily 'Vivaldi'

Peace Lily 'Vivaldi'

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The Peace Lily houseplant is a staple in ever home. With its very dark green spear with elegant white flowers. 
Brilliant air cleaner and easy care
  • bright indirect light and a warm space 
  • Peace lily's don't like to be moved around or reported much so leave them settle into a space 
  • Repot or refresh soil every 2 years 
  • water when the top 2 inches of soil dry out
  • Love humidity so keep near other plants or regularly spray leaves with water  
  • No draughts or radiators 
  • Relax plant 
  • Stunning dark green for calming the mind and lush looking foliage 
  • Breathe Plants
  • Known for air purifying 
  • great in any room of the home with good light 

17cm pot

70cm tall

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