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Snake Plants Large (2)

Snake Plants Large (2)

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Snake plants are some of the best and most easy care houseplants there is! 

Known for their air purifying abilities and also great for condensation spaces 

I like to order in more mature snake plants as the older they are, the more useful they are for air quality 

They grow slow so it's nice to start with a larger plant 

  • bright indirect light, can adapt to darker rooms
  • slow-growing desert plant
  • easy care
  • water once per month and less in the winter if cold room, let soil dry out fully
  • great in draught or dry air spaces (e.g. above fire place)
  • Great for darker spaces in a home, just make sure to water less 
  • Breathe Plants
  • top of NASA list for indoor plant air cleaners
  • great in any room of the home
  • Relax Plant
  • green patterns like waves would be nice in a bedroom

**condensation and damp removal

17cm pot

60cm height 

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