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Light Bulbs 2/3 Head Clip 20W

Light Bulbs 2/3 Head Clip 20W

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Let there be light!! Improve your houseplant growth and your mood and productivity with these flicker-free full spectrum light bulbs

Why not replace you're regular LED bulbs with a special daylight bulb, especially for darker spaces in the home

 Now you don't have to worry about plants in the winter months or those dark rooms with little or no windows! Now you can have greenery anywhere you want! 

20W grow light = 200W equivalent regular bulb!! 

**bulbs included 

Plug into the wall (2 prong adaptor) and clip to any even surface. The heads a have a 360° bending ability to point at your plants 

  • Full spectrum means the bulb imitate daylight (entire visible spectrum of 400nm-780nm) and close to daylight colour (colour RA 100)
  • suitable for every cycle of plant growth, effectively promotes plant growth, and improves crop yield and quality.
  • 270° light angle to help more plants 
  • Sansi bulbs are a special design which is patented engineering meaning they have:

✅ High light efficiency for the price and size 

✅ Less heat release 

✅ Safer and reliable 

✅ Flame retardant 

✅ No risk of electrical shock 

✅ 25,000 hours lifespan 

✅ Energy saving (Grade A) 


... As an aside, full spectrum bulbs are also starting to be used to help with depression and SAD (seasonal affective disorder) 

Adding these bulbs to your living spaces or work spaces could improve mood 

These bulbs are flicker - free reducing eye strain, fatigue, migraines, photoepileptic seizures, repetitive autistic behaviours

**We have noticed in the shop we are less tired and more productive now that we have changed all the bulbs to full spectrum- not as tired late in evening and able to concentrate more! 


Item Model Number: C21GL-GE26-10W

Wattage: 20W(2*10W) or 30W (3*10W)

Voltage: AC 120V 60Hz

Replacement Wattage:150W Incandescent Bulb

Beam Angle: 60°

PPF: 26umol/s

Product Size:Φ62mm*H84mm

Weight: 1.74lb

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