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Monkey Mask Cheeseplant

Monkey Mask Cheeseplant

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Monstera adansonii is an unusual version of the common cheeseplant deliciosa houseplant that everyone loves, but a much more manageable size 

  • bright indirect light and warm space
  • can survive in lower light but will grow slow
  • mist 2-3 times per week
  • feed with seaweed spray every 3 weeks in Spring/Summer
  • great alternative to the larger Cheeseplant if you have less space in your home
  • always have the fenestrations (holes) in leaves
  • as they settle into a space they spread out their stems and become a trailing plant
  • Relax
  • Natural green structure, great in a bedroom/sitting room

6cm pot *now repotted into 8cm pot with new soil*

10cm high 

Leave trail or train up on a moss pole! 

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