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Natural Toothpowder

Natural Toothpowder

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Minty and Lemony Fresh

Our customers always describe this product with surprise! 
"I didn`t think I would like it as much as I do!"
"It`s just so fresh, my teeth feel really clean"
"I will never go back to regular paste!"

Toothpowder was actually the traditional way of cleaning your teeth. With all natural ingredients and no plastic, for me it`s the way forward

Also so handy if you`re travelling!


-just wet your toothbrush
-dip it into the powder
-start brushing your teeth and it will slightly lather, leaving your teeth feeling squeaky clean after!

Made from all natural powders and essential oils: Kaolin clay, Sodium bicarbonate, Hydroxyapatite, Calcium carbonate and then, Mentha piperta and Citrus medica limonum


Jar (no plastic)

Made in Westport, Ireland by Morgane

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