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Air Plant Spanish Moss

Air Plant Spanish Moss

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So delighted to have these in stock! Beautiful long airplants so relaxing and calming 

Around 60cm length and thicker around the top 

Little wire hook attached to hang 

Keep an eye on my website for 3d printed and pottery shells to hang it with 


We don`t need soil and have no roots!

Air plants are one of the best-selling products in Sunfleck

You can put them into anything like vases, trinket dishes, open jars...little pieces of natural art

they need regular misting, minimum once per week- pick up the airplant and mist with water all over

happy with bright indirect light, no full sun

great for adding some little pops of colour and greenery in a small space

quirky additions to study or office desktops

Also lovely in mini or medium happy pots, or mini concrete pots!

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