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Pot (Stylised Plastic Pots + Saucer)

Pot (Stylised Plastic Pots + Saucer)

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New on the market, anti-spiral and anti-root rot houseplant pots

These pots are best suited for moisture-loving plants.

Aroid (Monsteras, peace lily's, Pothos) , Alocasias (Elephant wars) CalatheaMaranta (Prayer Plants) & orchids/Anthuriums (Flamingo flowers) as they are non-porous, meaning the water can't breathe out. Terracotta & other clay pots are porous, meaning they breathe out moisture and dry out the plant 

Due to their large drainage holes & transparency, they are especially useful for thick-rooted plants that have to be watered often, like Orchids, Anthuriums or Aroids.

These pots are made from PP5 plastic and fully recyclable.

Main product features:

 Unmatchable airflow: 8 rows of side ventilation slits

 Anti-Spiral Roots: anti-root spiraling by design.

 Superior Drainage System: Prevents overwatering and root rot.

 Transparent Design: Monitor root health and growth.

 Eco-Friendly PP Plastic: Durable and recyclable.

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