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Pothos Marble Queen Large

Pothos Marble Queen Large

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Green and white striped patterned vining houseplant 

An ivy-like small-leafed houseplant for any room in your home to improve air quality and relaxation 

Perfect for bedroom, sitting room or office 

  • partial sun back from any window, don't mind shade! 
  • very easy care plant 
  • water only when fully dry
  • benefits from water mist once per week
  • feed with seaweed food once per month
  • yellow leaves= overwatering
  • relax plant 
  • trailing vining plants create calm and movement in your bedrooms and living rooms
  • or add interest and comfort to bathrooms and office spaces
  • breathe plant
  • air purifiers

15cm pot

35cm long trails down or grow up moss pole or you could leaf clip them along the wall

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