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Prayer Plant Pink Stripe

Prayer Plant Pink Stripe

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Must-have houseplant that moves all day

Easy care great for any room

  • move all day long, never looks the same, you can hear the leaves if the room is quiet
  • bright indirect light, can tolerate lower light, put in North or East window and back from West and South
  • stems spread out, growth can be slow but new leaves can row fast
  • feed in spring and summer once every 3 weeks (spray-on food available on our website)
  • likes misting for humidity 2-3 times per week
  • can flower indoors with food and good light
  • relax plant
  • adding character and beautiful patterns to any room, especially living space or office
  • Focus Plant
  • repeating pattern and bright colour for calm, concentration, alertness 
  • perfect for office space or kitchen

Fits in the XL Happy Pot

12cm pot

**safe for pets

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