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Solas and Sonas Room Spray

Solas and Sonas Room Spray

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 It's back and now in a room spray! Winter warmer blend SOLAS AND SONAS (Irish for light and happiness) for boosting mood and relieving stress and anxiety 

A beautiful blend of sweet orange oil and clove bud

All of us here in Sunfleck smell this and just go "ahhhh😌" 

Its warming and cosy, the perfect blend for these long dark winter days 

Christmas builds us up for excitement but before and after we can get quite bad seasonal low mood or depression

From the research I have read, sweet orange oil is very well documented and proven. The best papers I've read are where inhaling sweet orange oil was proven to

  • Reduce tension and anxiety in a group of male volunteers, and promote tranquility 
  • Ease stress and labour pain for women in child birth
  • Ease anxiousness and panic in children getting dental procedures 
  • Reduce anxiety and stress in patients around needles and injections for kidney disease

Add this positivity blend to your home or work space this winter 



95ml aluminium bottle and spray top 


Made in Roscommon, Ireland by Gema 


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