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Ecopot 16cm Oslo

Ecopot 16cm Oslo

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Ecopots are more than just plant pots, they are a way of mindful buying

Ecopots are made of 80% recycled plastics from plastic food packaging, plastic shopping bags, plastic bottles, plastic extracted from menstrual products

Shock and shatter proof, easy movable and outstanding resistant against UV light and frost

Laboratory tested every year for durability to prove quality is highest level

All Ecopots have a unique handmade finish, which means that Each pot is different

Follow the Scandinavian design philosophy- revolves around creating a calm, orderly environment to counterbalance our hectic, stressful lives. Characterised by clean and simple lines, minimalism and the use of natural colours. I have read studies which suggest natural textures and colours create the most serenity in a space and reduce stress

Oslo style  has soft curved shape to the bottom of the pot

Diameter outside: 16.00 cm

Height: 13.00 cm

Based in Belgium

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