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Brush for Massage

Brush for Massage

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Dry brushing--new selfcare thats here to stay. Improve circulation, skin texture and energy!


3-4 brush strokes in an upward motion for each area of skin 

Did you know your skin is your largest sensory organ? So let's look after it and use it to improve mood and feelings. Mistreating our skin and stressing it out with rough treatment or chemical skincare could be affecting your nervous system in ways we might not understand 

Studies show that dry brushing when you wake up and before your shower is stimulating for your body and mind. That's why it isn't recommended at night time as it might give you a little too much energy for sleeping!

Removing dead skin cells not only makes your skin soft and glowy, but it prevents ingrown hairs and pimples

✅ Soft skin 

✅ Less ingrown hairs and pimples 

✅ Glowy skin 

✅ Circulation and blood flow 

✅ Lymphatic drainage 

✅ Energy and stimulation 

✅ Body love and appreciation 

I also read such an Interesting  scientific study from 2020 called SBB or self-body-brushing on the affect of body awareness and Mindfulness and they found that SBB increased body connection. This

1.created calm, relaxation and destress

2.was recommended as a possible support for agitation in dementia to help the patient return to their body and ground themselves 

3.also a possible recommendation for body dismorphia and other conditions around body dissatisfaction and eating disorders

.... I think this is absolutely incredible research and reason alone to start body brushing

Beautiful wooden brushes Sourced from Germany, natural vegan bristles 

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