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Rose and Sweet Almond Handcream

Rose and Sweet Almond Handcream

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Treat your hands during the day! 

This hand-cream is perfect for all times of the day, but especially when working because it is non-greasy and absorbs fast. So it won`t leave stains on paperwork or your clothing, and it`s just handy when you are out and about.

The smell is so fresh and light, roses and flowers

Sweet almond is one of those ingredients I love to see in skincare because it is so hydrating and sensitive. It is often used in babies` skincare because it is so gentle.

Especially useful for anyone with psoriasis/eczema to use before the skin cracks and breaks, it prevents the skin from drying out to therefore try to prevent bleeding and open wounds

Glass jar with pump top


Cruelty free and vegan

Made in Westport, Ireland by Morgane

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