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Rose Petal Serum

Rose Petal Serum

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This is the best smelling serum- like a rose bush in bloom

A serum that is hydrating and has great coverage, but non-greasy, is very difficult to find 

Made from all plant-based ingredients, like willow bark, it aids in reduce inflammation of the skin, especially with acne.

Key ingredients: Willow bark extract, olive squalane, pomegranate seed oil, Vitamin E.

The key ingredients aree also known to be highly antioxidative which aids in anti-aging and supporting skin with fine lines and wrinkles

Many of my customers have remarked on how relaxing the smell is and also how long the bottle lasts!

Recommended use:
(recommendations collected from my own use, instore customers and of course the maker, Morgane)

  1. 2-3 drops into your hands and gently massage into face and neck
  2. use before sunscreen and after face moisturiser
  3. use after cleaning your face with the cleansing balm or either cleansing bar

30 ml glass bottle

Rubber dropper top

Made in Westport, Ireland by Morgane

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